Sanjay Amar

Founder / Filmmaker

Sanjay Amar is the founder and the principal driving force of Amar Chand Motion Pictures and his close association with the creative field of film making of over 12 years’ ranges from his early works with Indian Terrestrial channel - Doordarshan being the documentary film maker, to his association with animation feature film production and finally, plunging into feature film making, has made him to experiment with his own mettle as the story teller in almost every genre of entertainment field. Coming from a remote village of Jammu division of Jammu & Kashmir, Amar has no background in film industry but he was an amateur storyteller right from his childhood. 
He started as writer-producer for Doordarshan Srinagar in the year 2004 and produced his first series of documentary films on victims of militancy in Kashmir, followed by his tryst with his passion of telling the story as the director through a telefilm titled "Aas" produced for Doordarshan Jammu being the producer, writer and director. Without assisting anybody or going to any film school, Amar has a gifted sense of telling his stories. Few of his important documentary films are "The World bank Mission tour to J&K" (was sent to World bank office, Washington by Govt. of J&K), "The Story of fire fighters" (rendered to Fire & Emergency dept., Government of J&K) & "Disaster management & Risk factors" ( for Home department ,Government of J&K). In the year 2009, Sanjay Amar worked for Arabic Broadcast Content, a Dubai based studio for its animation film, "BO Mamo" being the writer and creative. 
It was 2011 when Sanjay Amar got his first break under the banner of a veteran film maker named Mr. Hari Mehrotra who trusted his caliber and rendered the reins of direction of feature film to him. The film called, "Future to bright hai ji" was debut of Amar as writer –director in live action feature film which got released on 2nd Nov. 2012. In the same year, Amar founded his production house and produced his first film in joint production with "Rahat Kazmi Films" titled "Identity Card..ek lifeline" written by him and directed by Rahat Kazmi. In the year 2015, Sanjay Amar collaborated with Sehgal Media for the production of his films. Amar Chand Motion Pictures is moving from strength to strength in partnership with his longtime friend and confidante Mr. Mohit Garg.