Sanjay Amar

(Head Honcho – Filmmaker)

During High School days, one gaslighting friend once said, "Don’t watch just anything, there is Amol Palekar" and suddenly the focus shifted from watching chartbusters to the classic stories that inspired him. The diary of his father ( written in bad handwriting) triggered him to write about the silver linings beyond every cloudy situation & he started to write his own kind of stories. It was after college when a person who usually wore worn out sandals with odd coloured bell bottom pants and had a torn out diary in his hands walked into his life and made him familiar with Mumbai’s cinema. Later, the doors of a local terrestrial channel opened for him, and on his first project as the writer-producer, the assigned Director backed out at the last moment & from those difficult times rose a Director in his heart who could never stop telling stories. It was 2009 when somebody who was looking for a writer pointed her finger at the telephone directory with closed eyes & made a call to him to create an International Animation Film. While working towards his aim of making live action films, in the year 2012, an old man with a young heart, who had dreamt of making a film for over 50 years, came from nowhere and met him & the first Hindi Feature Film, ‘Future Toh Bright Hai Ji', happened. From that date till today, he has been involved in his own niche of telling meaningful stories. His school principal used to say , "what a man thinks he becomes," and the proverb is now the soul of his approach towards life.

 He keeps bricks ( metaphor ) in both pockets weighing him down, why, he doesn’t know!

Currently he is writing, directing, producing & in moment of a crisis, he also does the rest like costume styling, lyrics writing, production design blah blah blah……. Because The Mask once said, “Somebody Stop Me”.