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Sehgal Media is the brain child of a father - son duo, Subhash Sehgal & Shivang Sehgal and the production house has successfully produced film entitled "W" which was released in March 2014. The production house is currently actively producing films, doing P&A for films as partners and Distribution of films. In the year 2016, the production house collaborated with director Sanjay Amar to produce his films in joint production with his company Amar Chand Motion Pictures.

Shegal Media


MJ FILMS & STUDIO is successfully steering through new ages of storytelling, being helmed by a futurist visionary. It has been constantly working upon creating new benchmarks in the regional Film Industries & Television telecast software. It is constantly joining hands with Indie storytellers/artists in order to create a niche for them & nurture the fresh & innovative ideas of storytelling that would inspire the future generations to come.


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( MD SNP shipping services – Film producer )

Coming from a shipping business background, Subhash Sehgal has always had a creative inclination towards films which made him to enter the entertainment business of filmmaking. He is the managing director of one of India’s reputed shipping companies. Despite being the managing director of one of India’s reputed shipping companies, SNP(Safe Navigation & Propulsion), he started a production house for his love for creative expressions. In the year 2016, he patronized Sanjay Amar’s film thoughts and collaborated to produce his films.

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( Entrepreneur – Film producer )

Shivang Sehgal, a young Entrepreneur with background of Shipping family, expertise in information technology, finance & marketing established the Company, Supreme Shipping Services in the year 1999 but his interest in entertainment business made him to venture as producer. He is currently contributing as Production designer, Associate Producer & Actor in many of Sanjay Amar’s directorial films.


Shegal Media

Savita Singh Amar

( Head Honcho – Producer )

Like any other person born in Mumbai, she also had a flare for the Film Industry since her childhood. Almost wasted money on getting trained in acting from ‘Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares’, because she never pursued in Acting & started venturing into Production.
Currently is part of several projects of the Production House as an Executive Producer and Producer.
She can be calm & composed even in the roughest phases of Production, because she takes every hardship just as a time that will fade away because Baba Rancho once said, ”All is Well”

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( Co-ordinating Producer - Director )

A Diploma holder in ‘Film & Applied Videography’ from ‘Bhopal Technical University’ & instead of coming to Mumbai from his home town in MP, he took a reverse gear to land in Jammu & Kashmir for joining a studio there. Since then he has been operating from there only like “Shakaal” used to be in some abandoned island.
Currently, he is handling different projects for the production house in the capacity of either a Director or as a Co-ordinating producer. His best capability is that he can even count the number of tea cups coming on the set & can even charge anyone for an extra cup of tea.

Shegal Media


( Head Honcho – Producer- Director )

After doing theatre in Rajasthan, he got associated with the stalwart Directors of the Indian Film Industry & did numerous Television Shows & Promos, yet is still in an effort to fix his creative thoughts, mostly in the iconic nature of Teja with his proclaim , “Mark idhar hai”. Currently he is Producing & Directing with the Production House. He has a Superpower of handling 1000 calls in a minute. He never avoids anybody’s call not even the spams.

Shegal Media


( Executive Producer – Assistant Director )

During his engineering days in Jodhpur, he binge-watched movies rather than reading books & did a Diploma in Photography after that. He went to his home-town & met his mentor there who helped him by showing a path for film making career. By a stroke of luck got a chance to be a part of one of the projects of the Production House & has been working with them since then because Anand once said, “Zindagi lambi nahin badi honi chahiye”.
Currently he is working as Assistant Director & Executive Producer with the production house
Still trying to figure out if he is an idiot or the the rest of the world has gone mad.