• GENRE:  Drama
  • LANGUAGE:  Regional (Bhojpuri)
  • PRODUCED BY:  Manish Jain, Misherkeshi Jain, Manjul Thakur
  • CO-PRODUCED BY:  Savita Singh Amar
  • WRITTEN BY:  Arvind Tiwari
  • DIRECTED BY:  Anil Nainan
  • CAST:  Preeti Shukla, Parvesh Lal Yadav, Ritesh Pandey
  • SYNOPSIS:  The protagonist of "Fulwa" is a young woman who, in spite of her personal struggles, aspires to become an IAS officer. She fights emotionally and financially for proof that girls should all have access to education and that educated girls can change the world.
  • PRODUCTION CONCERNS:  MJ Films and Studio & Amar Chand Motion Pictures.
  • OTT & TV RELEASE DATE:  June 24, 2023
  • STREAMING ON:  Dangal Play
  • TV RELEASE ON:  Bhojpuri Cinema
Trailer :